Young or Adolecent?


11 Years
Sep 29, 2008
We have secured our West Seattle House and we are moving in on the 20th. I have narrowed it down to Barred Rock or Andulusian? I want to get something that tolerates the cold we have here, which is very moist. But, the question I have is about interacting with the chickens. If we get adolecents or adults will they not bond to us (ie running away from us when we go to get their eggs) ? And if we get young ones (day old or more) is there really a difference between the way they will interact with us and our daughter? So people who got them young people who got them matured please share not only your love for your chickens, but also your chickens love for you.


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11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Marysville, WA
My first three were maybe 8 weeks when I got them.

Very friendly, lovely chickens. My next 26 were ordered as day old chicks.
Some of them have always been friendlier than the others, part depends on breed and personality. But when there is 25 they can't really all be in your lap/ arms at the same time. My newest 4 I got at 3 weeks old, and I have only had them for about 2 weeks they are not sure what to think of me yet. But they'll come around. Their either running away from my rake and shovel or running away from the bigger chickens that are following me.

I would recommend finding pullets, 1-6 months old since it is already getting colder out, and you don't really now how old an adult bird is if you buy an adult.

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