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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Cab the Mane, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Jun 16, 2011
    My little Silver-Laced Wyandotte got a rough start(she was pasted up when I received her! How lame is that?) and even after I solved the problem, she didn't stand, eat, or drink for almost the whole day, and I was starting to worry she wouldn't make it. I picked her up, and decided she probably got too weak while they left her pasted up, and she needed a little help eating and drinking... Now, I know from experience from nursing a robin back to health once that trying to use a dropper to administer anything can easily cause more problems than help, so I tried rinsing out a mountain dew cap really well, and filling it with bottled water. I held that up to her beak, and before long, much to my relief, she started grabbing gulps of it, and tilting her head back to swallow! once she had her fill of that, I grabbed a big pinch of chick starter and grit, and put that in my palm to hold up to her beak. Sure enough, she ate and gladly collected every grain of grit I offered. The good ol' mountaint dew cap of water somehow did the trick, and she recovered quickly, and by the next morning she was up walking around with the rest!

    But, today on day three, it looks like her slow start has put her behind on growth, as she has yet to develop little stubs of feathers like the rest of them. As a result of her mysterious youth, I named her Eden... but she's not hanging out with the other chicks as much as she is just off on her own around the brooder. Is this just the sign of her future low rung on the pecking order, or something worse? I'd like to think we're past the worst of little Edens troubles... At least she seems to like us and the cat just as much as we like her, but I don't want her to be outright outcast from the flock because of it. Perhaps all the care from day one led to a confused, overhandled chick, and that's why she's traipsing about willy-nilly?

    Or maybe I'm just worrying too much about the little ones, but its hard not to worry about such sweet little birds! Oh, also, is there anything I should look out for as she grows up, or does a bird who pasted up as a chick retain no lasting affects in adulthood?

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