Young peacock with injured wing


Dec 30, 2018
Alberta, Canada
One of my young Peacocks appears to have injured his wing. He has it hanging down, pretty much touching the ground. Is there anything I can do to help treat the problem? I don’t know how he injured it or exactly what’s wrong with it.
You really need to catch her and inspect the wing looking for a break. Bones heal very fast and if the bone needs to be set it will need to be done very quickly. There have been some threads here where people have shown how to wrap a wing in place while it heals so I also recommend a search for some helpful information that you can so yourself. If you have a bad break you may need to go to a vet to set the bone.
Thanks for your advice and @KsKingBee too. How long would you recommend leaving his wing taped up before unwrapping and checking progress?
If it was just a sprain maybe a week, if a break two weeks. Hollow bird bones mend quickly. I have set legs that only had the cast on for two weeks however, I did keep the bird confined in a small cage with no roost for another week or two.

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