Young Peafowl Leg bent awkwardly!!! Help!! Peafowl with Dislocated or broken leg


Dec 18, 2020
My peachick of 4 months old suddenly has a really bent leg. It must be dislocated or broken or something because it’s REALLY bent. Wasn’t like this yesterday; seemingly just happened this morning or overnight. It was recently moved to a wire cage. Could that have anything to do with the problem? What should I do now? See photo below


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Can you see a vet for an xray? There are leg bone deformities such as twisted tibia and tibial dyschondroplasia (TD) which can cause twisted legs. If a tendon became ruptured that might cause it, but I would get an xray if possible.
There are no vets near us that specialize in peacocks or birds at all. Even if there was we probably wouldn’t be able to afford. Should I make a splint or wrap the leg?

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