young pullet has an injured foot

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    Jun 28, 2011
    I was out in the ckick pen yesterday and noticed that one of my feather footed had a bad injury on the top of her foot. I brought it in to show my mom. Mom said it doesn't look too good. We read somewhere that someonelses chicken was hurt really bad. They kept it locked up for a few weeks and it got better. My mom is letting me keep it in a cat carrior in the kitchen for now. The top of the foot is all swollen and mom says it looks infected. She cannot walk on that foot. Mom said that I can try to help her but she doesn't think a chicken can really survive with one leg. Baily seems to be doing a litter better now. She is eating, drinking and enjoying the warmth inside. But she cannot walk on that leg. Mom said she cannot stay in the kitchen forever. We already have a pygmy goat that thinks she is a human. I don't want Baily to be confused about her identity.
    Does anyone know what I could try? Should I soak it? Should I put cream on it? What should I put on it? Should I keep it wrapped up? She is so cute, I don't want the neighbor to put her down if I can save her.
    This was my first time showing poultry at the county fair. I was only able to take one of the chickens and one duck (most of my chickens are barnyard chickens). The Mottled Java got a blue ribbon, my muscovey got a blue ribbon. I earned first reserve in showmanship. And my muscovey got Champion Duck.
    I am now up to 61 chickens and 14 different breeds. Even my mom thinks that they are pretty cool pets. Her rule is that I must pay for them, take care of them and must be learning something.
    I would like to learn how to help Baily. I sell my eggs to take care of the costs of my pets (I have 6 pygmy goats too). I have $75.00 in my egg jar so I can buy what I need. I just don't know what to get or do. I could find and information on this in my 4-H bookl

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    Good for you for being so responsible for your chickens! It is never fun or easy when you have a sick or injured chicken. Is there anyway you could post a picture of your injured chicken's foot? That helps alot. Actually, because you are new to BYC, you will not be able to post photos yet. But if you do have a photobucket or flickr account, you could paste a link for us to see the photos of your injured chicken. BTW-Chickens can live with one leg if it does come to that, they can adapt.
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