Young pullet is very ill, I think it was the cold snap. PLEASE help me

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    Our little mixed breed bantum pullet Blossom is probably dying. I noticed yesterday that she seemed "droopy" - feathers puffed out, wings hanging a little. She has always been the puny one of my bunch of 10 chicks, they are now between 10 - 12ish weeks old. When she was a chick I noticed that she had a faster respiration rate, but never observed any sneezing or coughing or discharge.

    I moved them out to the coop about 2 weeks ago - the temps were very warm, and I've been closing them in at night. They are all fully feathered, and Blossom is a silkie mix and has lots of feathers everywhere. We had a "cold" snap the last few days - temps in the 40's at night, in the 60's during the day. I didn't even think about it affecting the chickens (I'm still new at chickens). When I noticed Blossom acting "off" we put the red heat lamp in the coop, and she has been staying under it. I saw her drinking water yesterday which gave me hope and I put extra food stations out, hoping she would get her fair share. Up until the last two days I've seen her eating. The other chicks have outgrown her and since she has been kinda lethargic they were bumping into her and walking on her. I put her in an animal carrier (with food and water) half under the heat lamp so they would not hurt her. When I came home tonight she was lying on her side, seems only able to lift her head.

    My little flock came from a lady who hatched her own mixed breed eggs. As far as I know they were not exposed to the adult chickens so I didn't think they could have parasites. They are still on medicated feed, so I didn't think they would have coccidiosis. All the other chickens are vigorous and healthy. Since they've had access to an outdoor run I guess they could have picked up parasites from that (??). I always thought Blossom wasn't really thriving, she was always less active than the others.

    Did I do anything wrong with her? Really, any advice is welcomed and appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    bump. If you have any chicken wisdom, please help me figure out what I did wrong.

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    Sometimes, you just lose a chicken. It is sad, but it happens. I would recommend bringing her inside, if you can. Keep her warm. If you can get her to eat some boiled egg, that's good.
    The problem with sick chickens is that chickens have high metabolism, so by the time you notice that they are "off", they are quite ill. Baby her as much as you can. Don't beat yourself up if you lose her.

    Best of luck to you. [​IMG]
  4. It's unlikely that you did anything wrong. If there is no purulent discharge from her nose or eyes, it might very well be MG and there are many different strains of it.

    If she is lying on her side, I would imagine that there is little you can do at this point. However, if you could get her to eat some yogurt or boiled egg it would be great. Also, she probably is very dehydrated from not drinking. Take an eye dropper and dribble water along side her beak and see if you can get her to drink. It won't hurt to put some sugar and a small pinch of salt in the water and make an electrolyte type solution.

    She needs an antibiotic most of all. Check with your feed store and see if they have something that you can put in water that treats Mycoplasma Gallisepticum. Again, it may be too late for her, but if she is still alive when the feed store opens, it won't hurt to try.

    Good luck!!
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    As chickenmaven said, these things happen sometimes. Could the cold snap have affected her?? Possibly, but only if she already had something wrong with her. A normal, healthy 10-12 week old chick would not have reacted this strongly to the temps you mentioned. I would do as was suggested, bring her indoors and baby her a bit. Maybe she'll make it [​IMG] ;maybe she won't. But if they'd been out for a few weeks, they should have built up some tolerance to the it's probably mostly related to whatever has caused her to be frail since a small chick.
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    [​IMG] I don't know that you have done anything wrong. Now and then there is one that just fails to thrive. I had one of these last summer. My Cochin mommy, Broody Trudy hatched a clutch of 7. This little one just didn't grow as fast as the rest and remained behind in physical development, but continued to eat, drink, and follow Trudy and the brood. at 8 weeks it became weaker and weaker over a couple of days time and even with care and nursing from both Trudy and I, it finally perished. You've provided warmth, food, water, protection from being tampled, and done your best. Best Wishes For A Good Outcome. Sometimes, we lose them in spite of doing all we can.
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    I would definitely try the egg and sugar water. I have little experience with chickens but with geese and ducks and bit extra babying and special foods to build them up I have seen some go from at deaths door to beating up their siblings. Try your best. Hope for a good outcome but if you don't get it try not to let it get you down. Everyone will lose one now and again that just cannot be helped. We all will ask ourselves if we did something wrong but in the end sometimes there is just nothing you could have done different.

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    Help I've not had any chickens in years. Now i have 24 baby chicks a bout 3weeks old. I lost about 6 all ready act fine eat good drinks good but looks like there wasting away.
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    Thank all of you for your wonderful responses. I'm sad to report that Blossom passed away during the night. If I have a sick chicken in the future I will definitely try your advice.

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    Quote:Mawmaw1, you might want to post this as a new topic - I think you'll be more likely to get replies.

    I really hope you get some good advice! There are very knowledgeable chicken owners at BYC! I hope your chicks get better.


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