Young Pullet lays sparingly ...Will she lay Like this forever?


6 Years
Feb 13, 2015
St Louis
We have three new pullets all 20 weeks old. The Amber sexlink started laying 3 weeks ago and lays every day a small pullet egg. Way to go Di! Kate, a Barred Rock started maybe a week later but only lays every few days .I think in two weeks we have had 4 eggs, but her eggs are as big as my 1+ year Reds. Jezebel, the Leghorn, hasn't started laying and doesn't seem interested at all.

My last Barred Rock was a pretty consistent layer Probably 6 a week. Will Kate pickup the pace? This is the first time I've had a leghorn. Do they take longer to start than heavier birds?

Thanks for all your help. BYC is great!



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Jan 14, 2015
Placerville, California, USA
All hens will lay differently when they first begin. Many will lay irregular eggs at irregular intervals the first few weeks or months. Leghorns are among the best layers in the world and so she should be quite capable of outlaying any of your other birds.

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