Young Pullet Not Able To Keep Her Balance


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Aug 20, 2015
I have a young pullet that I found this morning laying flat out, at first I thought she was deceased. She was breathing but unable to move. I brought her inside and put her under a heat lamp as she felt very cool to the touch. A few hours later she is alert, sitting up with her feet under herself. She can stand, but if tries to take a step she quickly losses her balance and falls backwards or to the side. Interested in food and water. I have tried searching neurological issues and looked at Mareks as a possibility (doesn't sound like this is what she has...could be wrong though). Any help, insight, advise would be awesome.


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Jul 31, 2015
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You say she is interested in food and water, is she eating and drinking?
What is your weather like?
How old is she?

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