Young pullet not thriving as sibs are. Yellow skin around eyes and yellow comb at 5 months + she is

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    Any suggestions as to what might be the problem and/or how I might help her to thrive. She cries like a baby chicks, acts cold most of the time and continues to try to find a hen or me to snuggle with. She just continues to act more like a baby chick then a pullet her age. I really would like to help her but besides making sure she has plenty of protein and quality food with added vitamins, Im at a loss as to how I might help her. I also make sure she has a warm place to lay or sit if she is not up eating. She stays with me for now rather than in the yard. I got tired of watching her chase after her mama crying. Her mom has long since cut the apron strings with her brood.

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    Yellow often means liver failure. Can you post a picture? How is her poop?
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    It is strange that she wants to hang after you since most of my broody-raised chicks and pullets are scared to death of me. She may have some long standing internal problem that has made her the way she is. Most pullets will hang with their siblings like glue until they are much older. A picture of the yellow skin and a typical poop would be good to see.

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