Young pullets for sale (NC)

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    Discovered they eat way more than I can afford to pay just to try to sell eggs. They are young still, not laying, yet, but big and on their way. 5 gold comets and 5 black jersey giants.

    I am trying to recoup *some* of my cost. I paid $85 for 14 of them, but only got 13 and gave the three roos away. I traveled 1hr15m each way to get them, but I am not charging anything towards that, just complaining. ROFL SO asking $8 per pullet. Not positive on age, but I think they should start laying soon. They are big gorgeous birds, but not quite old enough to lay, yet. No trades, we need the $ at this time. If I still have them once we get past this tight $ time, I might consider trading for/towards black, blue or splash bantam cochins.

    Located in Marion, pick up or possibly could meet in Asheville or Hickory, but doubtful with the price of gas and my schedule right now.

    Cash upon pick up or pay pal if you cannot pick them up within a week of saying you want them.



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