Young Rhode Island Red Rooster, Northeast CT

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  1. knerivice

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    Oct 9, 2016
    I have been rehabbing a young rooster (was told he's a rhode island red) who suffered from a right leg injury of some sort (a potential twist/sprain). Unfortunately I am not zoned for a rooster, so when his recovery is complete he needs a new place to call home.

    He is very friendly, at the farm he came from he played with the kids and would hang out with the people more than any of his chicken friends. He allows handling/picking up/selfies/etc. He followed people around when they fed the horses. He has been spending time with dogs and cats during his recovery and is fine with both. He has shown no sign of aggression when healthy or hurt, even when his injuries were poked and prodded.

    He was living free range, but during his recovery he has been both in a cage/small pen and indoors. Previously lived in a large mixed group of hens and roosters, currently is living as a single chicken while he heals.

    Important: This chicken CANNOT be eaten. He has been given medication during his recovery which has come with the warning that he should never be used for consumption. (On top of the fact that I would like him to go to a nice home to live without being dinner as he just has such a stellar personality)

    I would be willing to transport him a decent distance to a nice forever home. [​IMG]

    He has a followup scheduled in a week and half or so. I may consider adopting him out prior to this appointment, but would need to discuss the situation with his potential owner as he is currently still on medication as well. Would prefer he wait until he gets the all clear from the doctor before he leaves so I am sure he is fully recovered before he starts his life with a new family.
  2. imachknfrk

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    Feb 7, 2015
    Hi. I am in SE Texas and would love to have the roo. I have two R I Red hens that need a male companion so I can raise biddies come springtime. My ladies inhabit a "chicken tractor" made for 3 adults. Let me know - maybe we can work something out...

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