YOUNG RIR & BRAMHAS, ROO OR HENS (I'm afraid to ask!)


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7 Years
May 11, 2012
Here is our, I think roos. but I don't want to influence your opinions! First pic is 2 RIRs born first part of Febuary this year.
Also, I have 2 Bramhas, who I thought looked like I had 2 hens until this week! Born the first of March this year. Both RIR and Both of the Bramha look alike, so if one is both are more than likely, especially the RIRs.

I read, for the combs, 3 rows = roo, 1 row = pullet. Does this go for Bramha, too? Cause these I think have 3 rows, or am I just imagining things? Bottom pic shows Bramha on right and in foreground on ground
Our brahmas are hens, they all have different combs, some the desired 3 rows of points, another one only has 1 row of bumps. Don't give up on them to soon.

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