Young RIR x Buff Orpington Rooster - FREE TO GOOD HOME


14 Years
May 8, 2008
Tenino, WA
This gorgeous boy needs a new home, as he's too frequent/heavy a breeder and has dislocated the hip on one of my tiny Easter Egger hens. Not his fault, but it's in the best interest of my flock to find him a new home.

He's young, still learning his crow and growing spur buds. I think he'll be a big boy...even bigger than he is now. He shows no aggression toward me but is a good protector of his flock of 9 hens. I've had him just over a month (after trading my mean rooster for this young handsome boy). He is healthy and vigorous. The photo is a little blurry...but he is red with bright red (and large!) wattles and comb, and has some black on his tail feathers like a RIR. His legs are pink.

Contact me for more information. I'll be listing him on Craigslist as well.

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