young roo breeding banty hen


10 Years
Apr 28, 2009
Mackville, Kentucky
I have young BCM roos that is trying to breed a bantam light brown leghorn hen. I am tempted to incubate the egg i get to see if it hatches and what it becomes. At what age would a young roo be sexually mature. He is about 12 weeks old now.
I don't know if there is an exact age but I would say at least a year and preferably older than that. Some breeders won't use a rooster for breeding until at least two or three years old.
That is not to say a younger bird couldn't get the job done.
Also as that roo gets older, he will be too big for a bantam hen and will likely injure her.
I have eggs in the bator now from a 14 week old roo. They are on day 11 and only 3 out 0f 14 were not fertile, the rest are growing strong. I can see a breeder waiting much longer to ensure the quality of the bird as an adult.
Mr. Roo was a standard Danish Leghorn and Shawnie a black cochin
bantamthey were both young.under 6 months, 2 survived and they died 2 days later, I think the problem was her eggs were too small as 10 of the 12 there were fully developed chicks, but they had suffucated in the shell. jmo

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