Young roo has infected eye

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    I just did a stage of worming the other day with ivermectin because I lost a chick to worms out of the blue! I knew someone had them and I had used wazine, but I guess it wasnt enough for this weak gal.
    anyway, ever since I did that this guy has been fluffed. Everyone was pretty low on the ivermectin, and some of the m were shedding worms...ick!
    So this guy is totally out of it today, though still standing fluffed...he tucks his head under his shoulder and just sleeps standing..
    I inspected him and hes got an inflamed eye ball!
    Its got white cloudy stuff inside....I took a pic and will try to post it in a while.
    I dont know if it shows much because its hard to photo chicken's eyes anyway.

    so, the bird is a campine/bantam leghorn cross, and is approx 16 wks, is a teen. its likely a roo, and has a bent toe from hatching...he was pecked out of his shell by a deviant egg eater who thought she had gotten lucky. I figured, oh well, another one bites the dust because he was all bloody, but when I picked him up he started chirping wildly, so I put him in the incubator and let him struggle around the membrane for a few hours, and then helped him a little.

    Anyway, the presenting problem is the cloudy and swollen eyeball...this is fluid buildup inside the eyeball itself.
    I put optomalthic antibiotic ointment...this one is bacatracin but I also have terramycin. I gave some standard water antibiotics and some vitamins and electrolytes and baby crumbles.
    Is there anything left to do?

    any advice will be appreciated

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