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    Well, I have a young roo that I got a couple weeks ago (no I didn't quarantine because I'm an idiot, so please don't bring that up because I know I should've) and he's very skinny, acts like he has a hard time swallowing, can't really lift his feet up and kinda lurches around, his wings just kind of droop down to the ground, and he has a hard time even standing up without falling over on his head. His poo is thick and white (think barrium, if I spelled that right.) He's in isolation right now, it just seemed to start a few days ago, I thought he probably just got whooped by my head roo and was just tramatized, but he's not getting better... None of my other chickens are acting off at all. So, what do you think it could be?
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    I'm assuming he is getting a good quality feed.
    That said, young birds, especially in the fall, can need a lot more in the way of vitamins than at other times and a deficiency of B, A or E and leave them with balance and leg problems. You'll know if he resons well to a multivitamin in his water and it never hurts to offer it throughout the flock when there is a problem. Glad you segregated though, it will make it easier now to supervise him and figure out what is happening.
    I'd look that up on the search engine, and while you're there, check for symptoms of Marek's and cocci, just in of luck
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