Young Rooster coming of age...might get ugly

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    I have 6 Columbian Cochins. A mature Rooster and a 6 month old that is still somewhat attached to the hen but every day its obvious the mature rooster is indicating theres trouble ahead. There are 4 hens, 2 laying and one with a young one in tow that was hatched the same time the young rooster hatched.

    How much conflict can I anticipate between the 2 roosters. these birds all range and when I was letting them out this morning there was some quarreling with the big guy and the youngster. Well not much of a quarrel more like hey Im going kick your young butt and I got between them. Once they were out of the coop he chase the young a little then lightened up.

    Even the hens are picking on the youngster around the scratch pans and he has been maintaining his distance. Is there a chance this will all pass or is blood inevitable if I dont take steps and what might my options be?

    The youngster is really a well marked bird probably the best of the 6 and I hate to think I may have to take steps of getting rid of him. If it comes to that is there anyone who would be interested?
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    Much of the time a younger rooster raised in the flock will know his place and not challenge the alpha rooster. The older rooster may give warning signs by threatening to give a kick, and if the young rooster heeds the warning, then a real confrontation is averted. I have some young roosters and they stay out of the way of the alpha rooster. If the young rooster tries to mate with the hens he might get a flogging, but hopefully, if he doesn't challenge the head rooster, no real fighting will break out.
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    Keep an eye on them. If the young cockerel tries to step up the situation may escalate. I would be most concerned about the rooster hurting the cockerel while they are locked in the coop.
  4. Tenneesse

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    Nov 24, 2010
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    I will watch tonight when they go in it was in the coop this morning that a ruckus began. When I went in the Alpha was off the roost and the juvie was still on the roost. When he came down the Alpha took after him

    I have a separator that divides the coop for a brooder side I may evict the hen and her 6 month old and see how it works out with him in there. thanks for the insight.

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