Young rooster has the snuffles!


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8 Years
Jun 8, 2011
My young light sussex rooster has acted like he has a cold for the past few weeks. The other chickens in the coop are completely fine, and even he is eating and foraging and moving around fine. His bum is not bloody and neither is his poop. However, his lungs aren't sounding any better, and may even sound a bit worse. He has mucus discharge from his nose, and has to breathe in through his mouth because he cant get in enough air. When I listen it sounds like liquid is in his lungs. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
He has a respiratory infection and needs an antibiotic, duramycin ideally or Tylan soluable in his water.
RI's are highly contageous and from what I've read, once infected a bird is a carrier for life. My girls caught one from wild birds early on and still get the snuffles from time to time, but never as bad. T
this initial case sounds acute and definitely needs treatment asap. Isolate him and keep him warm too

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