Young roosters - fancy/rare Dorkings and Polish

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    Sep 23, 2008
    Malabar, FL
    I have extra beautiful young (4 mos) Gold/Black Polish Rooster that I would give to a good home (no religious rituals, dinner, etc.). He's very sweet, got a good crow, lots of personality. Might be a good 4-H rooster for a youngster. He's in Malabar, FL (near Melbourne). He was vaccinated at birth for Marek's. I also have Pullorum certificate so he could be shown. I also have for sale several beautiful 4 month old Colored, Red, and Black Dorking roosters. Very rare and from Sandhill Preservation (no inbreeding issues). Would make great addition to flock as they are very docile and beautiful. Soft, soft feathers. Would make great 4-H show roosters... have pullorum Cert. and also vaccinated for Marek's at birth. I would make special consideration in terms of price for a youngster looking for a rooster to show (Updated 10/15/2010)
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    do you have hens?
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    I'm in Middleburg Fl, how far is that from you, you ever travel this way I'd love to have him. [​IMG]

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