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Dec 17, 2016
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Hm... Now that they are seven weeks you might witness small fights of which are considered 'challenging.' Challenging is something that almost all cockerels will do if you have more than one when they are younger.

Sadly, you might not know until they are fully matured or at least fully grown how their temperament will be. Once they are almost mature enough that they stop challenging... Dominance may take place.

They will develop to the point that they have their hackle feathers as a example, dominance when it comes to hens will start... The dominance won't be terribly rough although might be intimidating. It's more like they are showing each other who's boss and who's the one who has the hens.

Finally. They are fully grown and fully matured... They might begin getting a bit too rough. That's the hard part. But I don't want to make your mind think that they will most certainly be rough, they may not, but I just want you and your flock prepared in case. :)

Dominance sadly takes place in all flocks if they have two roosters... But you can control dominance a bit. You cannot control something extremely worse than dominance.

I hope this helps even the slightest of all bit. Good luck and God bless on your journey. Best wishes and I hope that your flock works how you'd like. ;)

-Angry Hen

Another thing, the best you can do is spend time with them and break up any signs of fighting. But it will take time for you to figure out what they'll be like.

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Apr 22, 2012
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Yes, they will probably fight to establish dominance, especially as they get older. The severity of the fight(s) will depend on the breed and the individual roosters.

From what I've seen, the fierce fighting happens when one challenges the other around the time of sexual maturity (4 to 6 months). The fights have been relatively quick and bloody (skin broken on combs and/or wattles), but with no serious or long-term injuries. After a new dominance hierarchy is established, they continue to chase but not really fight with each other. However, there is always the possibility that they will continue to fight until one is killed.


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No guarantees. I had two cockerels of different breeds brooded together that would spend every minute of their maturity bloodying each other. Once they even tore down a barricade I had in their coop to keep them separated. A lot of feathers were lost in that little war.

I eventually resorted to alternating having one patrol the outside of the run while the other got inside privileges. It was when one was on outside duty that he got eaten by renegade dogs and it sadly ended the conflict.
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