young silkie cockeral, kid friendly- view at windsor fair maine.


I'm not all fluff
12 Years
May 5, 2007
central maine
nice black with red silkie cockeral. he is correct in the number of toes and good toe spacing, small comb. he has red on his wings and hackles. he is for pick up only as I have never shipped. he still has growing to do, all of my hens have nice big head puffs and fluffy butts as do my roos. weeding out for fall. nice to be handled, not aggressive. located in central maine, can deliver to windsor fair show on saturday- pm me
** update**
this bird will be at the windsor fair in the poultry barn for sale as well as a buff hen (if I can find a box for her)
so you can stop by there anytime and purchase if you would like.



this is the buff hen that will be at the windsor fair for sale as well ($20.00) hatched 8/10

and this is her on the right as a chick
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