Young silkie Roo flopping over...lost weight...HELP!!!!!!!!


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Central Maine
My little 7 month old splash rooster Lenny started acting funny about 1 week ago...he had a runny nose with sneezing when I first brought him home..after treatment he acted better still sneezed at times. 1 week ago I noticed he was all fluffed up and was unable to keep his balance. I brought him in and over the last 4 days he has gotten worse.
His leg goes out in front of him, he is unable to stand when he tries he flops on his side. I have been feeding him eggs for protien..and he has been eating like crazy, no vision problems and poo is normal.
This morning I was bathing him when I noticed I think mites crawling off him. Could the mites be the cause of his illness?
When I snuggle him up to keep him upright, he is alert and eats his grain and I give him water via dropper..but the leg staying in front of him concerns me. I thought possible merecks but he vision is not an issue.
Any advice would be great. I hate to cull him if the mites could be the cause...
Sorry, but it does sound like Marek's to me. Some people claim that if you treat with St. John's Wort that you can cure it. Don't know if it works, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

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