Young Silkie Roosters for sale - 7 to 12 months old

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    We have several young and beautiful crowing roosters

    These are beautiful birds and come from great lines, I just don't need so many roosters and am hopeful that I will find great homes for these as breeders. We presently do not ship birds.

    Currently have roosters in the current Colors:


    Please message me here at byc or at our farm e mail [email protected] for more details. For more about the lines of our birds, etc. please reference our other ads about silkies or our photo album

    The picture of the rooster is but one of our several roosters available. I am not on the computer all the time, and often just don't log out of BYC, so please give me a little while to get back with you as we farm full time.

    For more information about our farm see:
    or Facebook: The Garry Farm or The Garry Farm Animals for sale
    Also please review our ratings on BYC under my profile.​
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  2. They are nice roosters as far as I can tell from the picture,
    Someone better get the quick before they are sold!

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