Young sisters these days ..

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    I as happily sleeping until my little sister came through shrieking “KIRSTY ONE OF YOUR HORRIBLE CHICKENS HAVE KILLED A SHREW!"
    She’s been in tears since... any Ideas on how to calm her down?
    PS: I tried the "It’s a part of life" and “Its gone to heaven”... It made her worse, and I’m a bit worried for the safety of my hens.

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    How old is your sister? Hopefully, she's young enough that she'll soon move on to more pressing matters.
  3. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009
    No kidding. Allthough my 4 year old will worry something like a dog chewing on stinky carpet. Yesterday I got yet another lecture about how it was wrong to eat animals and how it makes him sad.

    My only suggestion is to re-direct her focus with something else. Give her a coloring book (or something) in the temporary, and when it comes up again, remind her that chickens are omnivores and will eat bugs, rodents, and snakes if they can. Make it about science & facts. Or you could try the absurd route. Perhaps try the "chickens are like dinosaurs" line. Give her somehting to think about.
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    Mar 19, 2009
    Why are you worried about the safety of your chickens?
  5. xxkirsty&herchickensxx

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    Shes 7, but trust me, shes a big baby,its been like a month, but she still goes to the place where it died and crys,my mum gave her a lecture, but she said " IM GOING TO KILL YOUR CHICKENS KIRSTY!"
    but thankfully she didn't [​IMG]
    sisters these days .....

    They got another one today, she wasn't looking that time, thank goodnes! because she just wont take the lectures, My mums tried, my dads tried (though that made her worse!) and I have tried

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    You can try tell her that shrews are bad animals that will eat the other animals food, and poop in it and the poop will kill the chickens. Shrews also eat lots of bugs. She needs to see the shrew as predator that can maybe get her. Shrews really aren't bad rodents, they eat lots of bugs.

    She actually may be more upset about the whole idea of death. I would really take this to your parents, and ask them to deal with your sister. If she is still crying about it, the odds are that she is more concerned about death, and needs away to talk about it safely. You will not be the safe person for her to talk to. Have an adult talk to her about what it is that is making her still cry and threaten your chickens.
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    Oct 1, 2008
    Quote:[​IMG] We don't need to give the poor kid nightmares!
  8. Shrews have been known to take really young baby chicks, also.
    Shrews are omnivores.
    There is a toxin in their saliva that can kill larger animals that the shrew can and will take down to eat.
    Besides insects, and seeds, and such, shrews also eat small snakes, mice and small birds.
  9. Maybe get her thinking shrew = rat...

    Well, that's assuming she doesn't like rats... many do so that wouldn't help.

    But if she doesn't think rats are cute, smart little critters then that comparison/education might help?

    Rat = Predator, Kills Others, Spreads Disease?
    Chicken = Food, Pet, Not Vicious?

    Maybe worth a try?

    DD, 8 today, is an UBER softy... she cried profusely when a bird was caught/killed by the dogs. She tried to save him by distracting the dogs but the dern thing wouldn't/couldn't fly away... mom and dad (I think) were up in the tree... she was just heartbroken over it. Not as upset over the dead rat in the yard... so... yeah, maybe if some of the cute factor is cut out?

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