young turkey poults help please...dying

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    Apr 7, 2010
    a few months back i sold a broody turkey hen to a neighbour. they called me up yesterday asking could i take her back as they are needing space for the horses, so are getting rid of all the turkeys.
    this particular hen has with her 9 poults that are roughly 3 weeks old. but the woman has said there were 14 but they have been losing 1 or 2 every day for the past few days. no symptoms other than fluffed up and head tucked under the wing. they've been living with mum in the stables and have never been outside. its mums 3rd nest this summer.

    so im off to pick up the mum, remaining babies and 2 other turkey hens (from this mum) from the beginning of the summer.
    any idea what i could give the little ones to help them....maybe take them off mum, bring them inside alone under a heat lamp? sugar water? i have antibiotics should i try those?? seems a shame to just let them die, but i also realise its late in the year for poults and if the do survive no doubt the'll have to stay inside over the whole winter??

    im just off to pick them up and will post back when i back, will include some photos too

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