Young Turkey with injured foot I need advice

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    Sep 30, 2013
    Hello I am a proud Mommy of two ducks ,two turkeys, Eight full grown Hens three up and coming Bantam hens and Three Bantam Roosters. My Christmas Turkey is a female who flies quite well, when I went out to feed her this morning I noticed alot of blood i fund an injury on her foot I have not been able to figure out how she did it it looks like it is down to her ligament she can put weight on it but not for long if she has to cover a long distance to get to me [​IMG] she flies and lands on my shoulder. What should I do any home treatments or something from Cal Ranch My hubby grew up on a ranch so he says calling out a vet is a waste of money but I dont want her to suffer. she allowed me to stick her leg and foot in some water to rinse it off and put her inside the roost other than that I am at a loss.[​IMG]

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    Multi fowl Mom
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    Frankly, animals will heal on their own. If the wound was cleaned, that is probably all you should do. If the others peck at the wound, you could spray the wound with some Blu-Kote to mask to red color that seems to attract pecking.

    I agree with your husband. I would not take a chicken to a vet. Unless there was something special about it, the cost would overwhelm any value.


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