Young Wyandotte Stopped Laying


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May 28, 2016
So I have 4 young girls (22 weeks) and my Wyandotte started laying at 18 1/2 weeks, a Speckled Sussex, and Easter Egger followed in the next week. My Buff Orpington hasn't started yet. Was getting 3 eggs each day (cycle), then my Wyandotte stopped about a week ago. They're all healthy, no stress, no observable changes. Is it normal for a young bird to stop for a bit? New to this since may, but it's been a real joy watching them change & grow and to see their personalities emerge. Thanks for any help!
They may lay more right at first then settle into a more 'normal' schedule.....
.....some birds don't lay everyday, some only lay 3-4-5 eggs a week.
Egg production can vary greatly.....and ebb and flow for no apparent reason.

Do you free range?
If so, it's possible that they are laying out in range area.

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