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    hi yall
    my names Trista. I'm working on breathing life back into my family homestead, its been "retired" for 15yrs. I currently do not have any chickens but with my very small knowledge of farm life I figured chickens was a good place to start. I'm very new to chickens. when I was growing up the had cattle out here and sheep nothing else so its a whole new world to me.
    I found byc threw a google search for chickens lol. I was up tell 2am looking at this site and have learned more from it then anything else ive tried to learn.
    my hobbies include spoiling animals and getting this place back to its glory.
    I have four dogs and two cats that are my pets. and then ive inherited untold numbers of very feral barn cats.(traps will be set to start fixing them and vacanating soon as the vet has time)
    anything else youd like to know feel free to ask and ill try to keep anyone interested updated on the progess of rebuilding this old farm.
    I look forward to learning everything your willing to share
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    Greetings from Kansas, Trista, and :welcome. So great to have you aboard! I love your story about getting the old homestead back on its feet. Very admirable. You said you've already done a lot of BYC research but if you haven't come across the Learning Center yet, here's the link
    Wish I'd had it as a tool when I was getting started. So, enjoy your journey and don't be a stranger - BYC is here to help! :)
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    thank you that was actually my first stop when I found the page.
    its going to be a lot of work but its been my dream for many years.
    I look forward to learning
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    Even if the feral cats get fixed and vaccinated they will likely be thrilled to find delicious food so near to them. Everything loves to eat chicken. I would expect you will need to keep your chickens in an enclosed and covered run and coop to protect their lives. You may want to check out/post on the predator threads to find out how best - to keep the wild cats away from your flock.
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    Hi Trista and welcome to our community - great that you have joined us. I wish you all the best in reviving your homestead and I'm sure that chickens will be a good starting point!

    Best wishes
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    thank you for the advise. I had thought of that and I'm noticing I currently have a coyote problem.
    they will not be fully free range chickens out here though I will try to build a big enough run they never notice :-D and I'm trying to decied how best to protect them
    I will look into the predator threads for ideas.
    I cant learn enough before I get my birds next spring
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    Welcome to BYC! It's great to have you.
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)

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