Younger birds won’t go in coop or on run floor


5 Years
Jun 19, 2016
Hi there, I have 3 older hens and two pullets who are about ready to lay. I introduced them slowly, but now they are all the same size. The last few weeks I have had them together in the same coop and run. The two younger birds won’t go in the coop at night (even though I had them solo in the coop for weeks at first, and even with a light in the evening). They also insist on staying up a level from the older hens in the runs, on perches and refuse to go on the ground. I have been feeding and watering them on a different level but it’s getting old. I live in Maine and pretty soon it will be too cold for them to sleep outside, and I’d love to deal with only one water dish. So basically I’m wondering, do I need to throw them in and lock them up every night? If I take the elevated water and food away, will they eventually “man up” and get used to mingling? Or would they rather starve?

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