Younger roos beat up older roo


9 Years
Jul 13, 2010
Cypress Inn, TN
I had a situation last weekend where I came home from work to find 2 younger roosters with bloody heads, a tom turkey with a bloody head and my 2 year old head rooster with a very bloody head. My oldest rooster got the worst of it. Now he is terrified to go outside and when he does, he gets chased and attacked again. We are going to get rid of the younger roosters, but was wondering if my old rooster will be able to lead the ladies again like he used to or is he going to be afraid?
The quicker the young roosters are removed from the flock, the greater chance he has of recovering. He is still a young rooster so he should be able to recover. Keep an eye on the tom. He ay be part of the problem.

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