Youngest Crowing Roosters Ever!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Roan, Aug 3, 2013.

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    Okay, this is an odd story. I have a barred rock that wanted to set so I stole her eggs and put in 14 Ameraucana eggs instead. She went through the whole setting process and finally, on June 16, 2013, the little ones began to bust out of their shells. Only 5 of the 14 eggs hatched unfortunately.

    One chick died at a day old, another got picked up my my overly curious dog and though he didn't mean to, he killed the poor little girl. I had sexed them all and found that I had 3 pullets and 2 roos. Unfortunately, we were left with 1 pullet and 2 roos.

    Approximately three weeks after they hatched, the mother went back into laying mode and completely abandoned the chicks. So, of course, I would go out there and sit with them off and on through the day and protect them after putting the wild woman back in the coop. (I call her the wild woman simply because she has no apparent mother instincts. Other than that, she's quite tame.)

    So on with the story, two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a middle ear infection that hit sudden and hard, completely swelling my right ear shut in less than 24 hours. The reason I mention this will become apparent soon, I promise.

    About 2 or 3 days after my diagnosis, my ear was still hurting so bad that I barely could sleep so at 6 am (that's 0600 hours), or thereabouts, frustration and sheer pain forced me outside in the cool air to pace restlessly. My two adult roosters were in the coop doing their morning crow but the new babies were in the brooder coop just across our driveway where we could hear if anything were to bother them during the night.

    Suddenly, my right ear throbbing and me whimpering like a whipped puppy, I heard the weirdest sound I've ever heard. It was an extremely weak and very high-pitched crow coming from the brooder coop! I froze mid-step and cocked my left ear toward the coop. (The infection had my audio depth perception all out of whack so I wasn't completely sure what I had heard or where it had come from.) Then one of my adult roosters (Named Tiny because he was the smallest rooster but now out crows and struts his bigger brother. heheh) crowed and to my amazement, I heard that tiny little voice crowing in response!

    Still unconvinced of what my one ear was telling me, I went in and woke my brother (remember it's just after 6 am) and made him come out and listen. He was about to go back inside irritably when Warbler (very terrible horrific crower! You don't want to hear him! Imagine crowing while gargling with peroxide while singing under water!), crowed and my brother and I both froze as that tiny little voice called out again!

    At this point, these three babies are only barely over 30 days old or so and at least one is trying his hardest to crow!

    Now, they're a little older since I'm telling this story on August 3, 2013 and they are both little Vienna Boy's Crowers. lol They are getting some actual sound to their crows too, it's no longer a high-pitched peeping-crow but instead is becoming a slightly deeper pitch. My brother, parents and I will sit out there and just watch them in amazement.

    I've never heard a chick try to crow before! So, I'm curious if these two are some sort of chicken prodigy or the outcome of being abandoned at such a young age or if it's not so unusual for such youngsters to try out their pipes. Also, if my little pullet decides that she's ready to grow up and start laying this young, I'm really gonna freak!

    BTW, we don't feed them anything unusual, just starter feed and they forage very well, preferring it to the feed usually. And the adult flock eat laying pellets and scratch mix. As far as supplements and chemicals, none other than what may be in the food.
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    Some boys are just really precocious about trying out their voices, yours is getting a really really early start. Guess he wants lots of practice if he wants to sound better than poor Warbler.
    One time I had some 4 week old chicks in the spare bedroom, I moved them into another brooder that has wire sides. A little later I heard what I thought was a chick that had gotten its leg or something caught in the wire, I went and checked and everybody was OK. It took me four trips of going back and seeing that what was going on after hearing that screech before I realized it was a little polish rooster trying to crow.
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    Apr 8, 2013
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    haha! that's sort of what mine sounded like when they first started! lol

    it's just that i've had chickens on and off my whole 43 years and have never heard a single chick (let alone TWO) crow so early before! lol
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    I had one three-week-old cockerel crow in the brooder one day, then he ran at my hand when I was replacing an empty waterer with a full one. Oooh, big boy, protecting his brooder mates - his very own flock!

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