Your 6 year olds did what?? (lots of Pics)

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    That's the reaction I get when I tell them that my 6 year old twins (my 3yr old also helped) cooked our Thanksgiving dinner. Everyother year the children plan and cook the meal. They were super excited this year and made several schematics of the table layout well before Thanksgiving day. With the exception of chopping and lifting the Turkey, they did it all. My littlest made corn pudding and rolls. One of my twins gave the turkey a under the skin butter and herb massage and she also was in charge of pealing potatoes and whipping them. Her twin was in charge of stuffing the turkey and made homemade pumpkin pie. She even gutted and baked the pumpkin early that morning. The crust was one you unfold from the store. My stepdaughter is the eldest and she wasn't here in the morning but she did set the table, move the food to the table and poured the drinks. She was in charge of the Turkey 2 years ago...and yes my twins also made dinner that year also.

    2009 Thanksgiving (daughters are 10, 6, 6, & 3)

    The result...look how proud they are...
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Looks great! Tell them they did a great job!
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    how awesoe is that? nice pictures! I wish my girls would do that with me! Beautiful girls too~!!!
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    Wonderful. Don't you wish all the children could have a wonderful, purposeful life. It's not so good for a lot our society's kids. I admire you. How refreshing to see these pics.
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    wow! what a great job! love the pictures too. Adorable girls. so lucky you are.
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    That is awesome and I know you are proud of your kids. They look very happy too. I get my kids involved in the kitchen also. My 12 yr. old DD is making gumps bread all on her own and mighty pleased with herself.
    It is a good feeling knowing that we are teaching our kids how to do these things and make it out in the world (if we let them go [​IMG])

    Tell your kids they did a GREAT job!!
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    Yayyy for helpers! Teach them early and they will always know how to feed themselves and their own families very well. [​IMG]
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    I LOVED those pics! Very nice family shots. [​IMG]
  9. Great idea to have the kids involved! IM SOOOO Jelouse of your kitchen though!
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    Wow... what I'd give to be able to have a farm like that for my boys. (went to your BYC page)

    I can dream I guess

    Your family is truly blessed.

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