Your best guess on these little birdies(Picture Heavy)

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by twindaddy43, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Jul 7, 2011
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    Up first

    Pretty sure that she is a Salmon Faverolle pullet as she has 5 toes and feathered legs which you can't see from this picture.

    Pretty sure this is a Cream Brabanter but not sure on sex. Should be a pullet but Ideal doesn't give a 100% guarantee.

    I think she is some kind of Buff colored pullet.

    Golden Penciled Hamburg? Maybe?

    I have no clue.

    No clue wish I had a better picture but I don't. So what do you think?

    Cochin or Brahma not sure on color though.

    Welsummer at least I thought Welsummer when she was smaller.
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  2. #1 - I agree Salmon Favorelle
    #2 - I agree on Cream Brabanter as idea on sex - looks female so far though - too early to tell on sex.
    #3 - looks like it may be getting white flecks into the buff...don't know though...definately not an orphington.
    #4 - No idea...
    #5 - hmmmm....looks silver laced - single comb, rose, or pea?? I'm thinking Wyandotte??
    #6 - California White
    #7 - Silver Laced cochin
    #8 - Welsummer
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  3. twindaddy43

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    Jul 7, 2011
    NE, OK
    Quote:#3 is very small compared to the rest of chicks don't know if this helps identify her.
    #5 It looks like a single comb but its still pretty small and I am knew to the chicken business.

    Thanks for the input,

  4. i'm still going with Wyandotte. alot of hatchery wyandottes have single combs...its the only thing I can think of - that one is an off the wall guess. lol I will look around at pics.

    Did you get a pullet assortment?
  5. twindaddy43

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    Jul 7, 2011
    NE, OK
    Yeah I ordered 12 rare breed special pullets, 4 assorted Hamburg pullets, 2 RIR Pullets, 5 suprise special pullets, and 2 assorted Cochin Cockerels. I really went for variety wouldn't you say.

    So far I have identified about half

    2 Brabanter
    3 Cochin (2 roosters and a pullet)
    2 RIR
    1 Turken (Ugliest thing I have ever seen which has kind of made it my favorite)
    2 Salmon Faverolle Pullets
    1 Welsummer
    2 White Leghorn (Pullet and Rooster I believe)

    But you never know they are 3 wks and alot could change)
  6. mama24

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    Mar 7, 2010
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    #1 is def a salmon faverolle pullet. Is she the sweetest thing ever? We have 1 and she is so so docile and sweet!

    Could #3 be a gold sexlink pullet?

    #5 looks like a silver laced wyandotte to me, but if it has a sinbgle comb...

    Your black cochin looks like a silver laced, but may be mottled. Either way, she'll be gorgeous! [​IMG]
  7. PtldChick

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    #3 Is she buff or light red? Golden sex link or if light red, maybe NH
    #4 Golden Campine, slate legs would fit - if not then penciled hamburg or even fayoumi. Those three look alot alike.
    #5 SLW

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