Your best recovery stories!


5 Years
Jun 12, 2018
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
We currently have a very sick hen and I am 99% sure she will not recover, however it got me thinking about chickens who have recovered against all odds.

I thought it might be cheering to hear tales of chickens others have had which have recovered from being very unwell? I have accepted that Iseult is unlikely to join their ranks but I thought it might be cheering to hear some happy endings if anyone has one to share. :) It would be great to hear what you did to nurse/cure/heal them too!
Well, mine are quail, but we have had 3 individuals get scalped so bad that their skulls were clean of everything and visible and they healed fine. One looks a bit wonky cause his feathers grew in odd so he looks a bit like a polish.

One of the hens from above also hit the roof so hard panicking that she bled from her eyes.

All three survived those wounds, though one did pass from a seperate issue

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