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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by flyingmonkeypoop, Nov 4, 2008.

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    I just saw the thread about Kentucky speckled birds and it got me to thinking. Have any of you made your own breeds? Do you plan on making more of a cross you have? I had my 'ultimate' bird and would like to create more. I even have a standard for them.
    Fist I would cross a single combed non-bearded silkie to a cochin and keep the females from that. Then I would cross a brown leghorn roo on black australorp hens and keep males from that. I would then cross the male with the females and get "zoya" chickens. I would base this breed off of my first hatched bird Zoya, she was a great broody for the first couple years then a great layer after that. She had a single comb, a small crest, 5 toes, and lightly feathered feet like a langshan.
    When I mated her parents together I got the same results every time. The females were always black with a small crest, single comb, 5 toes, feathered feet. The males had a small crest, lightly feathered feet, and were black and red. When mated together they bred true. When the females were mated to a SLW cock the females looked like the mother, the males had clean legs and a smooth head, overall looking like a dorking.

    The breed would be required to have a medium sized single comb, 5 well spaced toes, a small-medium crest in hens, small on males, medium sized wattles, overall they would be an average sized bird with a close tail that isnt pinched but isnt overly fanned out. The tail angle would be high, not squirrel tailed, but closer to 70 degrees. The females would be black with dark legs and red face, comb, wattles, and earlobes, and yellow skin. The males would be black with red in the hackle and wingbow, some red in the saddle, and the rest black. The male would have lightly feathered feet.
    Once I have black established I would work on white, probably using langshans and maybe white houdans to get the 5 toes and crest. I would like to see the breed in black, white, blue, and barred to start then work on other colors.

    I think I might start this project in a couple years. I loved the birds I had.
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    I crossed a barnvelder roo, real gentle, friendly, thought he was a hen...roosts in the nestbox right between 2 of then hens...the others roost. Just hatched the BO and the SLW barnvelder chicks...just one each...they are big and adorable...still wet a bit. One if light brown feathered latte colored, and the SLW is chocolate brown with some black. Some more should hatch tonight, I only put 4 in. I like big docile chickens that tolerate wet.
  3. Hi Michael!
    I have a lot of silly 'made up' birds here.
    Some of my favorites are the Cuckoo green-eggers, frizzled Naked Neck green-eggers, and Giant dark-skin Naked Necks.

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    A Blue Orpington roo over a Brahma hen makes a great bird, a Brahmington! Several people on BYC, including myself, have some from my Suede over my Buff Brahma hen. The hens are solid black or blue with maybe some minor gold/buff streaking around the face and/or hackles. The roosters have lots of gold in their hackles and wings and are massive! Well, the hens are not lightweights, either. Some have feathered legs and some do not. ZuniBee has a trio he kept because he liked them so much.

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