Your Experience with Manna Pro All Flock Crumbles


5 Years
Mar 10, 2016
SE Pennsylvania
I've been searching for a 16% protein feed with little or no calcium. It has to be crumbles because that is all my spoiled girls will eat. My hens are about 5 and are not laying as they once did so they don't need the extra calcium in the layer feed (they get oyster shells free-choice). I discovered Manna Pro makes an All Flock crumbles that is only 16% protein with 2% calcium. Has anyone used Manna Pro products and what has been your experience?

Also, why is it so expensive? An 8 lb bag sells for $13!!

We've been using Purina Flock Raiser since December, but I think the high protein content is causing my chickens to have looser, smellier poos. Especially the first poo of the day, which smells as bad as dog poop. I eliminated all treats and had a float test performed (negative for worms) but still the smelly poos continue. I'm hoping a lower protein feed will resolve this.


May 21, 2020
Southern 8600 ft
No experience with Manna Pro, but that price makes me shutter...I do feed Purina FR and have not noticed loose or smelly poo from the girls. But, will say, that I don't clean the poop board until lunchtime and by then, the poo is frozen.

Do you free range? Any other food (veggie's, grass, etc)? Trying to think of what else could contribute to the poo, if not treats.

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