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Mar 11, 2010
I am trying to limit my 1st chick order to 12 to 15 chicks. All hens & one lucky rooster. I am considering: Ameraucana, Dominique or one of the Wyandotte types for the solo rooster. He must be hardy (I live in NW Montana), friendly, non-aggressive, but protective of hens, and (very important!) showy and beautiful. Asking too much?

For hens I have on my list (in addition to the above breeds): Buckeye, Golden Buff, Delaware, Black Australop, Silver Spangled Hamburg, Welsummer. I was considering New Hampshire Reds, but they sound aggressive. Now to try to get the order down to a reasonable number. This flock will be managed for egg production only. Any input on any of this is appreciated. Thanks!

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Given your location I'd go with a rose or pea-comb breed. Feather legged would be a plus too.

No way to know about how well behaved they will be. That's a highly individualistic trait.



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yeah as for behavior I think it varies a lot depending on the roo, as well as depending on you the human's attitude and interactions with him.

I had 2 RIR roosters that both came from the same bin at TSC so I always assumed they were "brothers" or from the same stock anyway, related ya know, one was mean as a rattlesnake and the other is the best flock protector!!!

When I hatch out or get a batch of straight run chicks, I don't get rid of the boys until they are about 20 weeks because I could tell by that age which of my RIR's was the keeper and which was stew. I haven't gotten another mean roo though, which leads me to believe that most of them can be taught to live with us humans.


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Oct 4, 2009
Well I have a handsome EE rooster and I just love him. He isn't overly friendly to us but he also isn't mean and he is great to his girls and is so frickin handsome!!!

Here he is:



I like showing him off lol.
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I loved my Jersey Giant before he was hit by a car... but my Barred rock roo is very handsome, very protective and if buying from good stock should get a lovely roo. I live in ontario, canada and he did very well through winter...


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Mar 11, 2010
I am new to chickens, so cannot figure out what breed a EE is - cluckcluck42 your rooster is beautiful - a guy to be proud of. And what breeds belong to the rose or pea combed variety? Sorry... guess I'll learn very soon about all of this. Thanks!

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EE's are sold by hatcheries as Americauna. You cannot get true Ameraucana's from a hatchery. So if you order Americauna, you're getting an EE. And they have pea combs.

I'd go with the EE.

ETA: EE stand for Easter Egger.
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I originally started out with RSL or Red Star hens, we were given a RIR rooster that was absolutely gorgeous. He was a perfect gentleman for the first few months, but got very very aggressive towards any people that came out to the coops or his 'girls'. his dad was also the same way and he is 15 and still going strong. I on the other hand didn't want something to attach us or my kids so we ordered 25 babies last March. We go Delawares, White Giants, Aracauna, Barred Rocks, and accidently got 4 silver spangled hamburgs. We ordered one Delaware rooster "Jack" and unfortunately 2 of the SSH's were also roosters. Jack got very sick and wasn't able to walk or stand so I nursed him back to health in my garage for 2 months, the good news is is that he recovered and got to go back to his ladies and the 2 hamburgs didn't like that very much so they were rehomed and Jack was once again the 'man' so to speak. Well we had a RSL go broody and laid on some eggs and after alot of heartache and patience she hatched out 3 little babies. They were kept separate for several months and unfortunately they all 3 turned out to be roos as well. Thankfully they weren't like their father but they are aggressive to my girls. I have rehomed one and getting ready to rehome 1 more tomorow, because I do think that Jack and "not yet named rooster" can coexist. Jack is a good boy and he is good to his girls and very alert.

I do think that my RIR was great but he didn't like us messing with what he thought were his girls (he has a new home also) I think that my Delaware is a good choice for a lone rooster. Ameracaucana is also a good choice also. I love my DE girls and my Americauna girls. I would love some Buff Orp and Welsummer. I actually love them all. But I do say that the Hamburgs are very skittish and won't let you pick them up or get close for that matter, but they are quite pretty and lay a cute little white egg.

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