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    Ok eBayers.... What are your favorite stores on eBay? I'm looking for stores will great deals (DUH) and lots of CHICKEN decor!!! My guest bathroom will be roos- DH's idea! [​IMG]
    OK, I've found (and LOVE) "Ozark Bargain Bin", where I picked up a cute metal "hen" with her "chicks".
    I also really like "Cashco1000". I bought a really cute western lamp for CHEAP from them! They have all their decor broken down... everything from nautical, to chicken, to western, to you name it.
    "La Casa Bella Interiors" has really cute ceramic roos and hens. I've been looking at them for months but haven't bought yet.

    Post your favorite store or seller! I want more chicken decor! [​IMG]
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