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    As a homesteader, I am constantly learning. I like to spend my early mornings (I get up at 3:30), with a cup of coffee at my computer or thumbing through one of my homestead books or magazines checking out what other homesteaders are doing to live a simpler, more self sufficient life. I get so many ideas and learn so much. Do you have a favorite homestead resource? Why not share it here.

    I would have to say my favorite is Mother Earth News:

    I have been a Mother Earth fan for years. I get their magazine, along with one of their sister publications, GRIT. I also have their complete archives on CD. While they don't always go into the nitty-gritty details that I sometimes want or need, I find they cover just about any topic a homesteader would ever need information on. I usually use the Mother Earth website as my "jumping off" point on a topic, and then research more if I need to dig down deeper.

    So, what's your favorite Homestead resource? Maybe it's a website, book, magazine, journal, or that old guy who lives down the road a bit. Why not share it here.
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    grassroots magazine is similar

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