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Aug 20, 2008
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I have read books and researched online and it seems there are a few camps of thought. Which do you prefer??

Hand turning or mechanical turner?

keeping eggs upright (airsac up) or laying on their sides?

What benefits do you have with your method? what disadvantages do you see?
i hand turn, but i would prefer an auto turner. the advantage is that you don't have to turn the egg if you have an auto turner, and it can sometimes be a pain to have to turn them at least 3 times daily. But it's actually not that hard.

And i would prefer both. It doesn't matter really what side the egg is laying on. Usually my egg is on the side, since it can't really sit straight up. But you should turn it to be up, and sideways so the yolk won't stick to one side.

And lastly, the advantages/dis. I told you those already about turning.
There really aren't any advant./dis. advant. i can think of with which side the gg is on...?

well if you think about it, the hens do a pretty good job of it, and they lay all their eggs on the side and turn them by hand (or beak)! I actually started with hand turning on their sides, then went and bought an auto turner. I couldn't remember to turn the eggs at the same time (which I also don't think is necessary). Since buying my turner, I have found out from a lot of people, who incubate in my area, that it is only necessary to turn them 2 times a day. It is better to turn them more, but twice is all they have to have.
I have done both hand turning and now have an auto turner. It really didn't make much of a difference in hatch numbers. It was just more convenient to me instead of remembering to hand turn several times daily esp if I had a surprise trip I had to go on. I know a lot of people here set theirs to hatch in egg cartons. I just unplug my egg turner when the eggs are in the upright position and just let them hatch in the egg turner.
You are doing the best way for still air incubator.

Eggs lay flat in nature, but small end up is the problem.That is why in turner you need to place small end down.

Turning eggs every 4 hour give the best hatch rate. Mim. of 2 times a day.

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