your kitties!

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    Nov 4, 2008
    I know alot of you have lets hear about em!


    Gizmo:2 years old, shorthaired solid gray.male, Jamines son

    Jb:7-8 years old, Shorthaired solid black,Gizmos possible father.and Grizzly,Sicily,Talon,Graci,and Tysons father.

    Grizzly:just turned 6 months, shorthaired solid black,Jasmines son,gizmos brother.

    Graci:just turned 6 months, longhaired solid grey,Jasmines daughter,Gizmo and Grizzlies sister.

    Sicily:just turned 6 months,shorthaired brone tabby, Jasmines other daughter, Grizzly,Gizmo,and Graci's sister.

    Talon:just turned 6 months, longhaired black smoke,Jamines other son,Grizzly,Gizmo,and Graci, and sicilies brother.

    there was a 5th kitten,Tyson,shorthaired solid black, who was in the same litter as the 6 month olds,possible RIP, he hasn't been seen in about 3 weeks, we think a coyote or fox got him, and another of our female cats,Rafiki [​IMG]

    Presley:3?? years, shorthaired silver tabby.

    Velvet:8 years old, Longhaired calico.

    Ozzy: can't remember xD, shorthaired solid black.

    Colbi:1 1/2 year, shorthaired flame point.

    Oliver: 1 1/2 year, shorthaired ginger tabby.

    Karina: 4 years,shorthaired solid grey.

    those are our outside kitties.

    our inside kitties:
    Jamine: 8-9 years old, longhaired brown tabby, Gizmo,Graci,Sicily,Talon,Grizzly, and Tysons mother.

    Sushi: 4 years: longhaired chocolate point himilayan.

    Tyler: almost 3 months: shorthaired ginger tabby.(will be outdoor cat in spring)

    Madilyn: almost 3 months: shorthaired blue point.(will be outdoor cat in spring).
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    Wow! That's a lot of cats!

    I lost my cat, Jayda, a couple weeks ago. She got hit by a car.

    I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that we should adopt 2 cats from the Humane Society. Wish me luck! [​IMG]

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