Your not a turkey


10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
Southwest IN
What is the weirdest mix up that you've seen between turkeys and other poultry? The weirdest thing i've seen is turkeys and guineas snuggleing togeather on the roost.
My Tom Jake fathered chicks when that's what his mate hatched instead. He would ride them around on his back and sit with them on the ground. He was an amazing daddy.

She was a lousy first time broody (I took the badly brooded turkey eggs and gave her chicken eggs) then the same night she hatched the only chick she managed I stuffed six "assorted reds'' from TSC under her. She managed eventually to keep three alive but after that she got the hang of things. He was better at it than she was.
Well, I have one turkey who thinks he's a goose and I have a baby duck who's MUCH bigger than the baby turkey he lives with but thinks he's a turkey. That duck follows that poor baby turkey all over the place and does whatever the turkey does.
our most annoying BR hen, Runner, abandoned our tom (TurkZilla) to 'help' my husband all day long with the fencing. she followed him everywhere. i told him he had a new girlfriend. she's never acted like that. wow was TZ mad!

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