Your not my Pitbull "tail" of a rescue dog *Graphic pics* happy ending

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  1. Steve_of_sandspoultry

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    Just wanted to share a "tail" of a rescue dog success story. This was the first I had heard of her. Sharon found her thru a local rescue and fell in love with her.

    I promise not to bombard you all with Craven County's animal problems but this is an urgent situation. This poor dog was tied to a post an Craven County Animal Services Center. She is a six month old puppy whose previous owner was so neglectful that, as she grew, her collar embedded deeply into her neck.
    It is speculation on my part, but I feel it is safe to say that she has been unloved, abandoned and alone for the first six months of her life. The collar has been surgically removed and she is receiving treatment at the vet hospital.
    She has gotten used to the rescue person who has gone to treat her three times a day, but she is very frightened and stressed at the hospital. There is a lot of activity and noise that she is not accostumed too.
    All of our fosters have several animals and this dog needs a lot of tlc before she can be adopted. We have brought her UPT on shots and have had her spayed. She is also heartworm negative, probably because of her young age.
    I am not asking you for money. Her medical bills have been paid. It is time for her to leave the hospital and we have no where for her to go. She is so young that I believe she can be turned around and become a healthy, loving pet.
    She would do best with someone with oodles of patience and love who is willing to let her trust back in her own time. Because she had responded to one rescue person in two weeks time, I believe she can be socialized.
    By now you must think that Craven County is the armpit in NC for homeless pets. We have seven rescue groups who have more than they can handle. This dog deserves a chance to become the wonderful pet she was meant to be.
    Can anyone help her? Her name is Leigh...

    These were some of the pics that went with the email.




    We went to the shelter and the poor dog was curled up in a ball in the pen scared to death, we were pretty much her last chance since nobody wanted a Pit with issues. They were going to put her down the next day. Once we got her home we had to clean her neck wounds twice a day which she didn't like at all. Slowly she came around, we have 3 other dogs all rescue's and they took to her right off so I'm sure that helped. We have had her now for 2 years. When we got her she was 37 pounds and the last vet visit she was 74 pounds - not drop of fat solid muscle. She was to be Sharon's dog but for some reason she has taken me as her fav. play toy to bark at, chew on, chase, sleep next to, hunt, growl at (while wagging tail). I keep telling her "your not my pitbull" but she doesn't listen. [​IMG]

    Here is Lucky now. We changed her name for obvious reasons.


    And one of her rescue friends on gaurd duty.


    I just wanted to post this to say that you can make a difference, not all dog breeds are evil, vicious just waiting to maul you.

    Steve & Lucky
  2. baldie

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    Awesome save!! I just adopted a dog myself...they are awesome. I cant believe that someone could neglect a dog like that...I would love to put a chain around there neck until it needed to be surgically removed. #@$##%%^#$*&%!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for posting this Steve! You already know how I feel about this! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Thank you, thank you, thank you....[​IMG] You've done an awesome job with her! [​IMG] It's obvious....she loves her pack master!
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    [​IMG]..thanks for this story !!!
  5. sandspoultry

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    Feb 10, 2008
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    This is one of my favorite pictures of Lucky.


    She has come along ways in a short time. She still has a few "quirks" but is generally a good dog.
  6. thecochincoop

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    Beautiful dog! Congratulations for making a difference in her life and I hope that more people will read your story and know that we CAN make a difference one dog at a time.
  7. 4hooves&featheredfriends

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    What a beautiful girl!!!

    Thank you so much for taking the risk to be a "more responsible dog owner", as that is what we have to be. Welcome to the club of those that open their hearts to a less "desirable breed."

    Enjoy her! She is very lucky.
  8. Iowa Roo Mom

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    Diesel needs a girlfriend and she looks perfect....

    [​IMG] Too bad you're clear in NC... [​IMG]
  9. Hoosiermomma

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    Sharon, she's beautiful! Thanks for taking a chance on her. Don't you just love pit faces?????? [​IMG] When I used to volunteer at a local shelter they always put the pits/pit mixes way back in the corner cages. Of course that's where I used to gravitate towards while everyone else went towards the others. There's just something about them....[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] aww I have always loved the look of blue pits [​IMG] Yet all I end up with is reds lol but its all the same as long as they have that great pit smile [​IMG]

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