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Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area
Even when money is tight, what is one thing that you still manage to squeeze out of the budget? And no fair saying more easy

I have 2... Sourdough bread and Foot Spa Lotion from Bath and Body. Totally not related to

So...what's your indulgence?
Fun stuff. We flew to Missouri to see my DS graduate from basic training and AIT. Graduation was awesome, flying was awesome, especially since it was my DD's first time,and I haven't gotten to fly for 20 years!
During the work week I have a fountain pop Diet Pepsi everyday, at the same gas station because they have the small ice like Sonic's.
Used to be 59 cent refill now it's 69cents.
During the weekend, I just have cans of pop since we live in the country won't drive 20minutes into town for one....................I've thought about it MANY times, but haven't made the trip just for a pop!
Beer...there is always money for beer

There isn't too much else besides must have basics that we *really* need when money is tight.

We raise beef...and layers...what more could you want

**Edit...ok I couldn't live without CHEESE! (And its not cheap : ( )
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