Your opinion on quality Colombian Wyandottes requested.


Morning Gem Farm
11 Years
Oct 3, 2008
east central Ohio
I acquired 4 Colombian Wyandottes from a guy who is breeding for show. These didn't meet his standard, but are they good otherwise? I'm new to Wyandottes and this coloring.

There are 2 roos and 2 pullets born in early June.

Should I keep them?


All I have are W's...2 silverlaced,2 goldenlaced and 2 columbian...Yours look like they are right on track for the age...I'm no breeder/show but I know that they must meet certian conformation standards...that being said...I seriously doubt that there would be harm in letting them be a "regular ole chicken" in the yard...I will also tell you that my colombians are my favorite hands down and I will have nothing else...they actually have cute personalaties whereas the others that I have are just pretty chickens...all of them are super great layers of brown eggs...and one of my columbians, called MaMa, has been broody quite a bit so in the future I will let her sit and see what she does...I hope all this helps!!
One of my CW roos has a a nice crow. I really don't need to keep both roos, though. I think I even have another CW roo in my brooder.

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