Your opinion on redcaps...

They're a very old breed & are about as rare as you can get. I haven't seen one in the last 7 years & I haven't seen a good one in I don't know how long.
I had some 40 +/- years ago & I liked them. A geed male is a spectacular looking bird.
They're medium sized birds that lay white eggs.
If you're looking for a long-term project they'd be worth considering. Any you find will need a lot of work.
Thank you!
Quick Q... if i got them from a hatchery would they have the large rose comb that they are supposed to have, or would it be regular size?
I'd support a Redcap breeder ALL the way!

They're VERY rare, but yes, from a hatchery I believe you should expect a good sized rose comb. Course, if you get from a hatchery (which honestly I have yet to hear of SQ breeders in the US of them) you will indeed be needing to work on them for years.

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