your opinion on this lamp


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
newport news va
my sister was about to throw it out but i said i wanted it. i think i made a good choice. this thing is big and heavy and unique.

I have WHAT in my yard? :

I like it!! I even like the shade on it though it does not look quite in proportion to the lamp itself.... I'd keep both but maybe mate them to others.

The top looks like it's ready to dance the night away- I agree, you have the makings of two awesome lamps!​
For the house or the chicken coop?

We had a pair of those while I was raising my boys. 30 years ago! They are antique. Milkglass, gold paint, and lead. Yup, the outline on the leaves is lead.
I like the lamp in the right setting.
Not to excited by the shade.

Haven't seen a Phish poster for a while. 1997 ?
So much for Mike...

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