Your scary chicken moments? Tell them here

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    Please share you scary chicken stories here, because we have all had a rooster run at us and that evil broody hen attack us!

    My story:
    I'd like to introduce you to a 'friend' of mine. He is a 12 week old bantam rooster, who is freaking scary!
    Now bantams are small, tiny compared to other breeds. Angry bird is a mutt chook. A mix between a million breeds.
    This small guy ALWAYS look angry, always! He can jump over anything, and loves attacking my feet.

    AB (Angry bird) has it over me and he knows it. But who wouldn't be scared of a chicken that jumps with no effort over the coop wall, runs at you full charge grabs a flap of you skin and hangs on. Then chases you up to the house and waits for you to come out in the middle of the garden? AB waits for me in the middle of the garden everyday and before i go to school. When i call to the chooks, he jumps out and runs at me. When i walk past the coop he jumps out and runs at me, when I'm with an other chicken he runs at me, when he hears me come out side he runs at me! This results in me screaming sometimes swearing (especially when he jumps out of a bush at me) and hiding in the house!

    Has anyone else had a problem rooster?

    Meet Angry Bird:
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  2. froggiesheins

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    Oct 14, 2010
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    WOW only three months old and he is so agressive.....Hopefully he will outgrow the terrible teens? LOL
  3. froggiesheins

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    Oct 14, 2010
    Jurupa Valley, CA

    Meet Stubby my Serama roo......A month ago I had a horrible scarey moment with him. I was bringing my favorite birds in the house for the night and he was the last to come in. He was standing right outside the back door and when I turned to walk out to pick him up a feral cat came out from behind the door and made a grab for him!! I screamed on the top of my lungs and scared the beegezus outta that cat and he took off like a flash! Went looking for Stubby and I looked and looked and could not find him!! I thought the cat had taken him for sure [it was dark at the time]. So I closed the door and resigned myself mourn his 10pm I opened that door to check on my birds and who is walking around right outside the door!!!! my STUBBY!!! saying hey MA let me in already.... Youve never seen a birdie get so many kisses and hugs, I was SO happy! The only thing that happened to him is 3 V shaped gouges in his tail feathers, from cat was that close........:th
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  4. grace112

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    Apr 2, 2012
    I worked for a lady one time who had the biggest most aggressive roosters I have ever seen. His name was scooter she had raised the little sucker as an egg and was supposed to get rid of him but he grew on her and she had the space so she kept him good for her but for the barn staff this was the beginning for many bumps and bruises. he was a big son of a gun bout the size of a small turkey and he knew he was big. His first victim (that I know of) was the her horse groomer one day while brushing this horses tail Scooter come flying out of no where kicking and screaming he left a tennis ball sized bruise on her leg along with some scratches to her arms. About a month later I was at the barn alone cleaning stalls when as I turned to go to the next stall here comes the puff of red feathers running toward me hellbent on attacking my leg well I just reacted and just put my foot bout to his breast height and he run smack into my boot and I just stood there with a manure pick in between him and me after a little bit he knew i wasn't going to move that pick so he slinked off. I told the owner bout that little encounter and she was surprised no one had ever stood their ground with him and she hoped that it might have helped teach him some manners... it didn't but he didn't attack me any more [​IMG], but apparantly karma works for chickens too cause not to long after his last victim someone mistook him for a turkey and shot him ( I suspect the shooter was drunk or just darn stupid) and even though he was as mean as a snake i kinda miss the sucker he ensured all the barn staff would keep up the good work or Scooter the devil bird might git them. [​IMG]
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  5. sumi

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    Cane Toad, that is one well named bird. That first pic... wow. Talk about evil eye! But he's cute [​IMG]

    The scariest incident for me involved 2 chicks we were raising. We lost the one on the right in the pic shortly before this incident so we were a bit paranoid about them already. The one who gave us such a fright is on the left.


    He and the middle chick were running around outside our house and in their travels they discovered the rubbish... We put the full bag just outside the back door and we had some discarded sticky fly strips in there. They discovered the flies and had a wonderful time... until little Blackie managed to catch himself. Have you ever heard a chick scream? Not a sound I ever want to hear again! My DH and I were inside when we heard him. The way we were sitting we each faced a door leading outside and in the panic we each went for a door and nearly collided. While we frantically tried to side-step each other Blackie ran in, with his sister hot on his heels, still screaming blue murder, with the offending fly strip tucked very firmly under his wing. My first thought was "snake", but DH burst out laughing and I had a proper look and saw what it was. I was a little mad at Blackie for nearly giving us heart attacks, but we had to forgive him afterwards. Shame, he had his work cut out getting that sticky stuff off his feathers.
    That wasn't the last of Blackie's adventures though. Not long after that he and sis managed to get into the outside privy's septic tank. We spent quite some time frantically looking for them. We could hear them, but we couldn't find them! Then we realised they were actually underneath us... There was only 2 ways into that tank. The traditional way and the long air outlet pipe that they crawled through. And there was only 2 ways to get them out of there. Lifting a huge concrete slap and opening the tank or me having to hang into the privy with a handful of chick starter going "tsk ,tsk, tsk, come HERE you little ****'s, come to mommy... [​IMG] Come HERE, @#$%^&! I'm going to kill you when I get hold of you, come to mommy....[​IMG] tsk, tsk, tsk" They had so much fun in there they were not keen to come out, but I caught them. Eventually.

    I really love my chickens [​IMG]
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    ROFL! I am laughing so hard I'm gonna bust!
  7. Umm no. well once when there was a Rooster at my friend's he kept chasing me! and everyone! other wise no. [​IMG]
  8. Sk8inChick(en)

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    Well, this has nothing to do with a rooster attacking, or a septic tank, but we did have a really frightening moment with our first chicks. We'd had them for about 4 days in the bathroom, with a heat lamp and thermometer. The heat lamp was clamped on to the side of the plastic tub we used for a brooder, and we thought that was secure. Uh huh. So, one night my dad had looked in on the chicklets, came to me calmly, and asked if 109 degrees was an OK temp for the brooder? AH!!!!!!! My mother and I freaked and we rushed in to the bathroom to find that the heat lamp had slipped off its clamp, and was hanging about 2 inches off the floor. And sure enough, the thermometer read 109.5. Thank God my dad discovered that. We took the chickies out, cooled the brooder off, and tied the heat lamp to the shower rod with a strong string. If anyone ever says "Brahmas are tough," they mean it.

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