"[your screenname]", Come on down, you're the next contestant on "WHAT ARE THESE CHICKS?"

Yes, breed, sorry, I added that now...

The spot[on head] was our way of separating them as chicks from 'our' personal chicks, it'll wear off LOL Sorry about that too...Would that change your thought on possible breed? Would a closer look at something help(i.e. feet, head from certain angle, etc.)?!?! We have 5 that hatched with our polish(eggs came from same place), all identical but the person had no idea what they were either LOL...
Best post title ever. Congratulations! You won a free washer & dryer!
[cue music] /cut to commercial
Thanks for input, looking at the baby pics for those birds, it's still hard to say one over the other definitely, for me at least...May have to wait for a more unique feature comes out?
Ok, most people, on and off of here, agree it may be one of these 2; White Rocks, White Leghorns...At what point would you know the difference and what would it be/should we look for?!?!


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