Your strangest chicken (survivalist) fantasy?


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Feb 6, 2009
Okay, I'll go first. I was out on a day trip on a large cabin cruiser, having a great day with family. The boat is really, really nice. Two sleeping quarters, big salon (livingroom), nice size galley area. We were all talking about retired folks who live on their boats & travel from port to port. You could live very comfortably on a boat that's 40ft.+ The marinas have cable & internet.
I thought, "That *could* be THE LIFE if...
(you know where I am going, here, yes?)
That could be the life for me if I could keep a couple of chickens on the aft deck in a little cage,
just a couple,
you know
for the eggs!
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Jan 25, 2008
I bought a book today "How to Survive 2012" and I was thinking a lot along the lines you are today. The idea was to prepare and where to go after the pole shift and I was thinking I better start my Gypsie wagon now to be sure to include a couple cages for a few chickens and a few bunnys to repopulate That is if I survive the actual pole shift. yes Im weird, thinking about doomsday and all I can think about is how to survive with my


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Guess I'll have to read the book...

Found this when I googled it.... may not even relate to it.

First of all, the most talked about prophecy is the Mayan Calendar. The Mayans were master mathematicians and absolutely obsessed with Calendars. Much like ours, the Mayans had a 365 (and one quarter) day calendar for keeping track of seasons and harvests.

The really interesting part is that they also had a calendar for consciousness. They had developed a way to outline what humanity would do and when humanity would do it. This Calendar has been accurate for everything from wars to the rise of new religions. It also covers the entire evolution of the universe…and it ends on December 21, 2012 . Research Ian Lungold on Google Video for more information.

Secondly, December 21, 2012 also happens to be the exact date that our species will get to see what nobody else has seen in almost 26000 years. Our sun, our earth, and the exact center of the Milky Way galaxy will be perfectly in line. (If I could just, "Hie to Kolob" (google "Kolob Theorom")

Thirdly, after calculating a mathematical algorithm from the I Ching (book of change) a wave form was developed. Very much like the Mayan Calendar this wave form indicates the patterns of human behavior. When the wave falls there is a major war, when it rises a new culture is born. This wave form also mysteriously ends on December 21, 2012 . Research Timewave Zero by Terrence McKenna.

Fourthly, in 1139 AD Saint Malachy, on his way to Rome , went into a ecstatic trance. In this trance he listed 112 popes that would reign before the end of the church and the end of times. Pope Benedict XVI is number 111. This list has been accurate.

Fifth, recent science and the prophecies of Nostradamus agree that a Polar Shift will occur between 2007 – 2012. This is happening as we speak.

Me, I'm gonna plant another fruit tree, drill on some teeth and take care of my chickens.

Sorry for the complete and total derail, I'll start a new thread.
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